Second Class

Second Class Book List 2018/19


Spellbound 2                                                                           CJ Fallon

Word Wise 2                                                                           CJ Fallon

The Green Genie                                                                     Folens

All Write Now 2nd Class (Pre-cursive)                               Folens

All Write Now Level A (Cursive)                                          Folens

***English Readers available on rental scheme***



Bua na Cainte 2`                                                                     Edco



Busy at Maths 2                                                                      CJ Fallon

Brain Teasers 2                                                                        CJ Fallon


Religious Education                                                              Available to rent



1 Notebook                                                                 3 Exercise Copies A11

1 Project Copy 15A                                                    1 Handwriting Copy B4

Homework Diary (COVER PLEASE)

Pritt Stick (x2) (LABELLED)

Pencil (x2)