About Our Primary School

St Nicholas’ Primary School is a co-educational, multidenominational, child-centred school with a long tradition of serving the youth of Galway. It is located in the heart of Galway City in Waterside, Woodquay. It is situated beside the Town Hall Theatre and is within close walking distance of the university (NUIG) and the hospital (UHG).

Our Primary school aims to provide an opportunity for each child to reach his/her potential in a co-educational setting and friendly atmosphere, Our Primary school aims to develop in each child the capacity to think clearly, creatively and critically and is a place where moral values and civic responsibility are nurtured and protected.

The Irish Primary Curriculum is delivered in an integrated manner, respective and appreciative of different religious affiliations and of different nationalities of the world. Facilities are available for children who wish to make their First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Due to the central location of our Galway City Primary School (beside the Town Hall Theatre), our pupils have the opportunity to attend many different educational events within the city. The children regularly visit the Town Hall Theatre, Dubray Book Shop, The Black Box Theatre, The Galway City Museum, The City Library, Woodquay Park, The Plots (football pitch), The University, The Hospital and many other locations of interest.

Our school also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as Swimming, Hockey, Drama, Chinese, French, Zumba, Ladybirds, Brownies, Music and Yoga.

St. Nicholas’ have an After School Facility in the school which facilitates homework and provides a range of activities.

The majority of the sixth class pupils transfer to local secondary schools in the Galway area.



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What’s Happening?

Happy Holidays!

What a beautiful end of year service this morning  – very well done everybody! We hope you all have a very happy and safe holiday –  see you all back in St. Nicholas’ Parochial in September!... read more

This is the School to Be!

The above slogan was written by one of our Second Class Pupils – Oh what a wonderful motto!! #HappyHolidays  #thisistheschooltobe read more

Beo & Be

Brenda from Beo & Be was very kind to drop by with copies of her new book called Roots Go Deep. The photos show some of our pupils taking a mindful moment this morning to read their books. #mindfulness #naturemovements #wellbeing #beoandbe #QiGong read more


St. Nicholas’ Parochial School is a very good school. They have a unique way of teaching their pupils in such a way that all their students are very prepared academically and morally. Since my daughter was transferred to the school I have seen a lot of improvement. All of the teachers are really friendly. (Anthony)