Third Class

Third Class Booklist 2018/19


My Read at Home Book 3 (available in school)   CJ Fallon

English Reader (€7.00 to rent)

English Dictionary

Spell Well 3         CJ Fallon

Novel:   To be confirmed (€4.00 to rent)

Handwriting:      All Write Now Level B Cursive     Folens


Gaeilge:               Bua na Cainte (Rang 4)   Edco

Rírá 4

Irish Readers (€5.00 to rent)        CJ Fallon


Mathematics:    Planet Maths 3 (€8.00 to rent)    Folens

Table Toppers 3                CJ Fallon


Religion:               Log on (available in school)


SESE:     History, Geography & Science (available in school             (€8.00 to rent)



Music:   The Right Note 3rd & 4th Class (available in school)


Supplies: Homework Diary

1 Silvine Scrapbook

2 Maths Copies

2 Handwriting Copies (red&blue) B4

10 copies ruled with a margin

1 Spelling Notebook (100 pages)

1 fountain pen and blue ink cartridges only

1 felt tipped correction pen

1 red biro

1 30cm ruler

1 rubber

1 sharpener

Pritt stick glue

2 pencils

Pack of colouring pencils and markers

1 20 Pocket A4 display file

1 A4 button wallet