Third Class

Third Class Booklist 2016

English:          My Write at home book 3      CJ Fallon

My Read at Home Book 3 (€5.00 to rent)      CJ Fallon

Let’s Go (€5.00 to rent)           CJ Fallon

Spellbound 3   CJ Fallon

English Dictionary


Class Novel:     Charlotte’s Web  (€4.00 to rent)


Handwriting:   All Write Now Level B and C (Cursive)           Folens


Gaeilge:           Craic le litriú (Leabhar C)       Folens

Bun go Barr 4  CJ Fallon


Mathematics:  Planet Maths 3 (€5.00 to rent)           Folens

Planet Maths Satellite Book               Folens

Table Toppers 3          CJ Fallon


Religion:          Log On (€3.00 to rent)


SESE:    History, Geography, Science (available in school)     (€12 to rent)


Supplies:          1 Rainbow Homework Diary

10 All exercise copy books 88pages

2 Sum copies 7mm squares

2 B4 Handwriting books

1 Scrapbook for project work

1 20 pocket A4 display file

1 Fountain pen and blue ink cartridges

1 Red biro

1 Ruler

2 Pencils

1 Sharpener

1 rubber

Correction Pen (felt tipped)

Colouring Pencils/markers

No Tipp-Ex of any kind allowed