Park and Stride

Park and Stride works by encouraging parents to park in nearby designated car parks free of charge (where charges normally apply) for a short period of time, while they walk their children to school.

By supporting Park and Stride, you and your children will be playing a part in alleviating traffic congestion outside the school, which in turn will help to make trips to and from school safer for everyone.

Parents wishing to become involved in the scheme just need to complete the online registration form which is available at

or returning the following form by post.

Park & Stride Orange Permit Leaflet

Once completed, you will be issued with a Park and Stride sticker to display on the front windshield of your car. This sticker will allow you to park your car in one of the nearby designated car parks.

The designated car parks closest to our school are:

  • Woodquay Car Park
  • Dyke Road Car Park
  • Cathedral Car Park