Fifth Class

Fifth Class Booklist 2019/20



English: English Dictionary  
  Spell Well 5 CJ Fallon
  By the North Star (€7.00 to rent) Edco
Novel: Holes – Louis Sachar (€4.00 to rent)  
Gaeilge: Irish Readers (€5.00 to rent)  
  Abair Liom (H) – Get 6th class book Folens
  Fuaimeanna agus Focail 6 – Get 6th class book Folens
Mathematics: Busy at Maths 5 (€8 to rent) CJFallon
  New Wave Mental Maths 5th Prim Ed
  Table Book  
  Tables Champion 5
Religion/SPHE: Fit for Life (available in school)  
SESE: Use of class texts for History, Geography and Science (€8 to rent)  


  Philips Modern Atlas for primary school  
  Where on Earth – Get 6th class book Folens
Music: Tin Whistle ‘D’  
Supplies: Homework Diary Rainbow Education  
  1 Hard Back Copy (not A4 please)  
  10 Writing copies 40 Page only

(‘Capital’ is the best brand for ink.)

  3 Maths copies

1 Silvine Scrapbooks

  2 Pritt Stick  (please replace during the year)

1 Pencil case 2 with fountain pens, ink cartridges, red biro, 30cm ruler, sharpener and eraser, pencil, colouring pencils, mathematical set, Scissors.

To be replaced as necessary.