One of our favourite weeks of the year is fast approaching and because of our great location we have been invited by Eason, Dubray and Charlie Byrne’s to celebrate.

Third and Fourth Class will visit Dubray bookshop on Tuesday next to meet the author Nigel Quinlan, while First and Second Class will visit Dubray on World Book Day itself to meet with the fantastic author Patricia Forde who always provides great fun and entertainment!

Junior and Senior Infants, along with Fifth and Sixth Classes will be going to Charlie Byrne’s on Thursday also. The children will be dressing up as their favourite characters from their favourite books!

And finally, to end a very exciting Book Week/Fortnight!, First – Fourth Class will visit Eason’s on Monday March 5th for a book event where all our pupils are invited to dress as their favourite characters!

A very exciting week ahead…..check back for updates!