Science Month! Last month we asked the children what they’d like to do more of in afterschool and as so many of them said science stuff we decided to turn a dull January into…Science Month!

One of our activities was making our own slime! It didn’t go very well, but we learned where we went wrong and tried again. Everyone got to have fun making suggestions of where we went wrong and what we could do the next time, putting their minds to work solving the problem – like true scientists!

For our art we painted our own galaxies on black paper and filled them with planets. We also did some wool painting by dipped the wool in paint and dragging it across the page to make Jackson Pollock-esque works of art. We made a new afterschool board with all of the afterschoolers handprints in different colours and everyone signed their own name.

We got to make our own playdough which we had lots of fun playing with. After a week or so, when we were finished playing with the playdough, we built a volcano out of it. We painted it together and when it was dry we erupted it by using some vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make a chemical reaction, and some red food colouring thrown in for good measure!

We did a lot of baking this month; we made marshmallow people using food colouring and cocktail sticks to draw little faces on them. We made icing and decorated cupcakes in all the colours of the rainbow. We also baked chocolate chip cookies as a group and everyone got to do a little something and bring one home with them!