Here in Junior and Senior Infants we have been learning all about school this month!

We talked about all the different people that make up our school community and what their different roles are. We learned about what school was like in the past and compared it with school nowadays (we much prefer our modern day classroom!). We also talked about our journey to school and drew a map with all the different things we see along the way as we travel to school each day.

Our Role Play Area was transformed into a mini classroom. We took turns pretending to be the Principal, the teacher and the pupils. Our favorite part was writing on the whiteboard and using our special stamps!

In our Small World Area we had lots of fun playing with the schoolhouse. We learned all about the different areas in a school such as the classrooms, the hall, the office, the staff room and the yard.

We talked all about what our dream school would be like and at the Creation Station, we drew pictures of this! Some of us wanted our school to have a swimming pool while others wanted a super slide and an icecream shop (we can only dream!).

In our Construction Area, we brought these drawings to life and built our very own dream schools!!

We got to play with some other fun stuff this month also. We decided we wanted to bring out the sand again as we hadn’t played with it in a while. We had brilliant fun hiding things in the sand for each other to find.

On Pancake Tuesday, we set up a very special Pancake Station and had fun making and decorating our playdoh pancakes (only after eating lots of real pancakes of course!)

We’re really looking forward to our new theme!

Check back to see what it is!