Virtual Sports Day has been created by Sligo Education Centre. They wanted to provide a way of bringing the fun and excitement of sports day to the homes of children.  They have tried to make their resources as accessible as possible. Any equipment needed can be found in the home. The activities can be done indoors or outdoors and they also provide videos explaining the various activities.

We had a great reaction to our ‘Be Active Home Week’ in April. If this is what you choose to do instead, that is absolutely super too!

If you choose to participate, only do the activities that are suited to you. It is a ‘Menu’ Sports Day (with a planner etc.) in an effort to give the children the autonomy to pick and choose what activities and levels they would like to participate in.

You will find all the information you need here:

If you do decide to take part, feel free to take some pictures or short video clips and send them to us should you so wish!

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