Biodiversity and Invertebrate Project by 3rd and 4th class.

Susan O’ Donohue came to our school on Monday the 5th of October to set up a moth trap. Susan is a heritage in schools specialist. She really loves birds but is helping us with our project on invertebrates.

We set up the moth trap on Monday afternoon. The moth trap is wooden with a purple light. The purple light should attract the moths. We plugged the moth trap in and went home from school. Next morning, Susan arrived at the school really early to turn off the light in the moth trap. She covered the trap with a blanket. We went down to inspect our moth trap at 9am. We found a lace wing in the moth trap. We did not find any moths. This may be due to the weather conditions or the area in which our school is located. There aren’t very many leafy surroundings for moths. We were excited about the lace wing. We noticed that the lace wing had chequered wings.

After break, Susan gave us binoculars and showed us how to use them. We then went on a nature walk to Nimmo’s Pier. On the way we stopped by the river bank. We heard a goldcrest in the tree. Susan showed us a photo of a goldcrest in a book and told us that the goldcrest is the smallest bird in Europe.

We made a list of all the birds that we spotted on our nature walk.
We saw:
Black backed gull
Black headed gull
Herring gull
Mute swan
When we reached the pier, Susan took out a telescope. We saw a shag and a swan through the lens of the telescope.

After lunch we went to the playground and made our invertebrate habitats.
We made
-a habitat of deadwood/leaves
-a carpet habitat
-a wildflower patch with lavender and ivy
-a stones habitat.

We had a fun-filled day for sure!!

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