On the 19th of December the postman delivered a package addressed to our class! Inside was……an elf! Another elf! We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get an elf for our class two years in a row! In the letter that Santa wrote to us, he told us that Elfis enjoyed being in our class so much last year that he decided to send Holly to us this year!

We had great fun with her! She got up to her usual tricks and games again though! On Tuesday morning when we went into our classroom, she had made her own Twister and was playing Twister with some of the cuddly toys from our classroom! On Wednesday morning, Holly had hidden herself amongst our own Selfies on the classroom door. It was great fun trying to find her! Then on Thursday morning, she had emptied out one of our lego boxes and had written ‘Happy Holidays’ in lego on the carpet! …..see the way to wrote her ‘s’!!!!!

On Thursday afternoon we said goodbye to Holly and our teacher posted her back to the North Pole so she would be back to help Santa pack his sleigh for his Christmas journey!

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