🔍 In the coming weeks our 5th and 6th Class students will be engaging in virtual workshops hosted by the Galway Atlantaquarium, SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices (CÚRAM), and teaching artist Alison Mac Cormaic. Educators from the aquarium will discuss marine life in Ireland and the importance of conservation. The students will learn from CÚRAM researchers about marine sources of biomaterials and how they can heal the body. Alison will teach students how to design medical devices to aid the body that are inspired by the scientific material they learned from the aquarium and CÚRAM. Ultimately, Alison will create a permanent mural on the outer school wall incorporating students’ designs. Through this cross-curricular co-creation process, students will become aware of their locality and its link to scientific achievements, conservation, and the role of the artist and scientist in our community. How lucky is our school! We are really looking forward to the workshops and the finished product!

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