Thank you to all involved for putting this challenge together – Planets, constellations and much more!!

Understandably, you can’t come to the Observatory right now, but we remain committed to bringing the night sky to you. We have a whole suite of remote learning opportunities coming online shortly, and the first of these is our Daily Astro Challenge in partnership with ESERO Ireland.

The Daily Astro Challenges are a selection of short videos designed to progressively familiarise you with the night sky. We’ll take what you learn in early videos and build on it to give you a deeper and deeper understanding of the night sky.

The night sky slowly changes over the course of the year, but with the exception of the planets and the Moon, these changes are quite slow, so even if you missed a video it should still prove useful for some time after it’s released. We hope you’ll take part in these challenges and we’d love to hear reports of your successes or any queries you may have. Just respond to the videos on our social media pages or email us at

The log of challenges to date is available below. Check back from 12.30 pm each weekday for the newest challenges.