With the Christmas Season fast approaching it is time for us to start preparing for our annual amazing Carol Service! Our Christmas Carol Service will be taking place this year by candlelight! It will be on December 10th at 7pm in St. Nicholas’ Parochial Church. The service is taking a different approach to the Christmas story this year. It will follow an old traditional church service called ‘Nine Lessons and Carols’. The structure of the service is as simple as the title – Nine passages of Scripture with nine Christmas Carols throughout! – There will be songs ‘as Gaeilge agus as Béarla’. There will be some solo singers, including some parents! There will also be lots of two-part Carols with all classes singing some of the verses of the Carols on their own. It is always a very special occasion and we encourage as many of you as possible (and your friends and family) to join us on the night. Your support at these events is always truly appreciated.