Junior and Senior Infants have been learning all about ‘The Farm’ this month.

We learned about the different types of farms there are and about all the different jobs a farmer has to do! We talked about the different animals that live on a farm, the homes they occupy and the food they give us.

We sequenced ‘The Story of Milk’, following its journey from the farm to our supermarket shelves. After discussing farming in the past we even churned our own butter from cream and enjoyed it on some yummy biscuits!

Below are some pictures of our Aistear Stations for this month.

Children got the opportunity to take on various roles in ‘The Farm Shop’. We have been learning all about money for the past two weeks so this was a great chance for the children to put their learning into practice.

Our Small World Area was transformed into a mini farm with all of the animals we had learned about. Over at the Creation Station, the children constructed their own animals from clay and got to paint them once they were fully dry.

They had lots of fun making farm buildings from our large construction blocks and over at our ‘Duck Pond’ Literacy Station, they got to practice reading and matching sight words!

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